Series 7400 Laser Driver Systems

The Series 7400 Laser Driver Systems from Intense have received CE mark approval.

The Series 7400 are turnkey systems designed to provide current control and temperature compensation of the company's high power, free space or fibred visible laser components. Unlike traditional laser drivers, the Series 7400 are complete, integrated systems that include current driver, temperature controller, and a choice of high power red laser diodes in a range of wavelengths, from 630 to 690nm, with power levels to 4W.  

The Series 7400 turnkey systems are designed specifically for medical research applications in rapidly growing areas of photo dynamic therapy (PDT) and low-level laser therapy (LLLT).

The Series 7400 systems are available in three versions: Intense 7401 is a portable, turnkey laser driver system; Intense 7403 is an OEM ruggedised version of the 7401 designed for easy integration into the front panel of OEM medical systems and Intense 7404 is a smaller system, weighing only five pounds, with its own front panel controls that allow the user to easily adjust power and temperature.

Both the 7401 and 7403 can be fitted with optional inline power monitor and integrating sphere. All units offer timers and closed loop constant power control features. The systems can be fitted for a variety of industry standard fibre connection options on the front panel. Custom power levels and wavelengths are available on request.