Series 8000 793-MFP

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Intense has launched the Series 8000 793-MFP, high power, fibre coupled, diode lasers.

The Series 8000 793-MFP deliver up to 3W of CW output power from a 100µm core 0.22NA fibre at 793 nm. They are also available in a free space package with 4W ex facet.

The lasers are designed using the company's patented epitaxial growth and wafer processing technologies, including Asymmetric Waveguides, which increase the brightness and reliability of the lasers. This makes them ideal for use in next generation, eye safe,thulium-doped fibre pumping applications where enhanced power and beam quality are required. 

Thulium fibre lasers are used in such defense and aerospace applications as LIDAR and direct infrared countermeasures. They can also be used as replacements for existing solid-state technology (DPSS) in medical applications. In addition to their eye safe characteristics, thulium fiber lasers offer medical users the added benefits of smaller size, more efficient operation, and the ability to make more precise surgical incisions.