ServiceTool 1.2

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A new version of the piezosystem jena ServiceTool 1.2 for digital piezo electronics has been released. The programme is used for the controlling of piezo-actuators by the digital amplifiers d-Drive and 30DV50 from piezosystem jena. The ServiceTool uses a graphical user interface (GUI) and a terminal programme.

By the use of the ServiceTool you can adjust many advantages for the actuators. For example, function generators and filters can be set, such as slew rate and bit-controller, as well as exact trigger values that can be set with the d-Drive. This allows for the implementation of more complex functions.

Characteristics include graphical display and output variance analysis, error detection, and communication via USB or RS 232. Functions include: text fields for command input and amplifier feedback; input of sine-, triangle-, square function, sweep and noise, filter: trigger values set (d-Drive), slew-rate, bit-controllers, function generators, switching between open-loop (OL) / closed-loop (CL); and output, readback of voltage (OL) and location (CL).