Signal Transporter

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Scitec Instruments has introduced the LTX-5525, from Terahertz Technologies, which is an E/O-O/E converter pair that enables transmission of 16 independent channels of digital information over fibre optic links from metres to more than 10km.

Each of the 16 incoming TTL channels is sampled at 100 mega-samples per second, multiplexed and transmitted serially over an optical fibre at 2 Gb/s data rate. The receiver acquires this digital data and de-multiplexes it to each of 16 separate output ports. Each of these channels may be toggled at rates ranging from 0 to 50Mb/s. The LTX-5525 receiver and transmitter may be used in combination with those of the LTX-5510 analogue link to realise remote fibre coupled high speed A/D or D/A converters.

Applications include data acquisition and transmission for plasma physics experiments, power transmission equipment, EMC, EMP or TEMPEST testing and applications requiring remote transmission of digital signals in the presence of large amounts.