YAG-555-4AH silicon PIN quadrant detectors

Excelitas Technologies has released the YAG-555-4AH, the newest addition to its YAG family of 1,064nm enhanced silicon PIN quadrant detectors. The new quadrant detector features greater responsivity for the 1,064nm wavelength and has a wide dynamic range with minimal (less than 1 per cent) cross-talk between quadrants. As a result, the detectors have improved signal-to-noise ratio for greater ranging distance. Also, the accuracy of the overall guidance system is increased, since the entire surface of the YAG 555-4AH responds to light and there are no dead zones between quadrants.

Excelitas’ latest quadrant detector features a 14mm diameter and provides defence OEMs and prime contractors with an additional option for precise beam positioning in laser spot tracking and munitions guidance.