Silver AFM-TERS probes

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Horiba Scientific, a specialist in Raman Spectroscopy, has introduced its new Silver AFM-TERS probes to provide the highest resolution for NanoRaman Systems.

The new silver coated AFM-TERS probes offer x10 more Raman amplification than the gold coated AFM-TERS probes. Horiba TERS probes are guaranteed to produce Raman signal enhancements of 633/638nm on a reliable test sample crafted to show this performance. Nine out of 10 of Horiba’s probes reach more than 40 times improved contrast between the near-field and far-field Raman intensities, leading to an enhancement factor up to 106. The TERS probes allow all modes of TERS operation: Top, side and bottom optical access. Made of a multilayer coating on AFM cantilevers with a final protective layer, the TERS probes are delivered in a protective package to maximise shelf-life.

The combination of Horiba's NanoRaman systems with its new Silver AFM-TERS probes provides high levels of enhancement to address nano scientific discovery down to 15nm resolution and below.