XploRA Raman microscope

The XploRA Raman microscope, featuring Swift confocal Raman image operation, is now available from Horiba Scientific.

The XploRA is a new concept in Raman microscopy, bringing Raman chemical identification directly to the microscope. High resolution light microscopy is effectively coupled to Raman spectroscopy in one unique, compact package.

Combining microscopy and chemical analysis the XploRA retains the full functionality of your microscope coupled with high performance Raman spectroscopy.

The new Swift functionality expands the possibilities of this instrument still further providing much faster and higher definition images than one would expect from an 'analytical' Raman microscope.

Compact and rugged in design, the XploRA is easy to use and transport due to its minimal footprint, so it is the ideal smart microscope for every R&D, QA/QC and forensic lab. Now you can explore the true nature of your sample with rapid compound identification and chemical imaging, with no sample preparation and analysis in normal ambient conditions. This non-destructive technique of analysis will transport you into a new dimension of microscopy.