SLED-based broadband near-infrared source

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Avo Photonics, a specialist in optoelectronic product design, development, and manufacturing, was commissioned by Luxmux Technology Corporation, to develop and manufacture a solid-state, broadband, continuous emitter for use with Luxmux’s line of miniature integrated spectrometers.

The emitter combines the outputs of multiple super-luminescent LEDs (SLEDs) into a single-mode fibre that maintains polarisation. Collimating multiple beams and achieving colinearity to an overlap of 700µm and pointing to within 250µrad results in a >100mW, fibre-coupled source with continuous emission over the 1,250-1,750nm band.

This industrial product is capable of withstanding the harsh operating environments of Luxmux’s licensing partners in the oil and gas market and other commercial/industrial markets, including environmental and air quality monitoring.