2000K IR emitters

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As broadband IR emitters continue to have a place in many applications as a cheap and reliable source, Laser Components will now supply steady-state and pulsable emitters from Helioworks made from Kanthal (for steady-state emitters) and NiCo or tungsten (for pulsable emitters).

Helioworks' EK series of CW IR emitters are available in TO-8, TO-5, and TO-3 housings, reaching temperatures up to 1,000°C, and with a gold-plated parabolic reflector as standard.

The EF series is a range of pulsed emitters that can reach peak temperatures of 700°C with three emitting elements that can be operated together (2-pin TO-8 housing) or independently (4-pin TO-8 housing).

The EK and EF series are available as windowless, sapphire, CaF or ZnSe windowed versions.
The EP series use tungsten elements and can be operated at tempratures in excess of 1,650°C and are suitable for NIR applications. These emitters are only available with sapphire windows in a TO-8 housing, with reflectors available on request.