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A blue DPSS laser from Oxxius, emitting up to 50mW at 473nm, is now available from Scitec Instruments.

The SLIM-473 is a blue CW DPSS laser and is available with output powers of either 20 or 50mW. Its monolithic resonator guarantees outstanding performance: ideal transverse mode with M2 <1.2, ultra-low noise of less than 0.2 per cent rms, and exceptional pointing stability of less than 10µrad over 3¢ªC.

The SLIM-473 is available either as an OEM version designed for system integration or as a plug and play version for convenient use in the laboratory. The single frequency version of the SLIM-473 is an ideal solution for Raman spectroscopy, holography or interferometery.

Oxxius' monolithic laser technology featured in the SLIM-473 combines the performance and reliability required by the most demanding applications.