Violet-375, 405, and 445 lasers

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Scitec Instruments has introduced three near UV laser diode modules from Oxxius. The Violet-375, Violet-405, and Violet-445 modules offer a collimated optical beam in a compact radial package. The Violet-405 provides an output power of up to 100mW while the Violet-445 has an output power of up to 40mW. Advanced electronics in all three models ensure precise temperature and power control, maximising diode lifetime. Output power can be adjusted manually or modulated through analogue and TTL controls. The power stability and low noise characteristics make them ideal for a wide range of applications, especially in fluorescence and sensing. In addition, their compact design allows for easy integration into a variety of environments.

The modules are available in plug and play versions, are compliant with CE and CDRH safety standards, and include a universal power supply. OEM versions for system integrators require a 5V power supply. Holding brackets to attach the modules to a base plate are supplied with each laser.