BrixX ps

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Omicron has announced its new laser series BrixX ps, which can be pulsed in the picosecond range, as well as being operated in continuous wave and modulated mode. The laser modules with  integrated driver electronics, temperature regulation and beam shaping optics can emit ultrashort pulses down to 50 picoseconds, pulses in the nanosecond range and fast analogue and digital modulated CW emission.

Diodes with up to 1500mW optical output power and wavelengths between 375 and 2300nm can be used in the BrixX ps system. The light output can be either free-space or fibre-coupled. CW operation is possible with up to 100MHz digital and up to 1MHz analogue modulation. Furthermore the modules have got an electronic shutter function that can switch the emission on and off at a bandwidth of more than 500kHz.

In pulsed mode the repetition rate can either be triggered by an external synchronisation signal, or it can be generated by the internal, programmable frequency generator with up to 100MHz. The BrixX ps modules can be integrated into new or already existing applications via RS-232 and USB-2.0 interfaces.