Solstice Ace amplifier outputs

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Spectra-Physics, a Newport company, introduces a line of high energy, one-box, ultrafast amplifier products. The new Solstice Ace features high energy of >6mJ and high power of >7W with <35 and <120fs pulse width configurations and 1 to10kHz capability. The Solstice Ace is built for stable, long-term operation and is tested to rigorous quality standards for high reliability.  The new products are ideal for ultrafast spectroscopy and advanced science applications.

The amplifier outputs >6mJ pulse energy at 1 kHz, >7W output power at 5kHz and >6W at 10kHz repetition rate with pulse width configurations of <35fs and <120fs.  Subjected to rigorous quality standards and reliability tests, Solstice Ace demonstrates long-term performance, low noise, and day-to-day reproducibility. Long-term stability is guaranteed over a 10°C temperature range to ensure reliable data collection. Spectra-Physics’ patented XP cavity provides superior beam quality and stability for driving optical parameter amplifier (OPA) systems with M2 <1.25.