Spectral Sphere Systems

Gamma Scientific will be demonstrating its new Optical Integrating Tube and Spectral Sphere Systems at the Strategies in Light conference in Santa Clara, California from 12 to 14 February.

The Optical Integrating Tube is an affordable alternative to large integrating spheres for testing T8 and T12 lamps. The integrating tube adjusts to measure tube lamps of different lengths, and it can accurately measure lamps up to four feet long.

Proprietary technology developed by Gamma Scientific ensures that measurements are as accurate as those from two metre integrating spheres, while providing significant cost savings over comparable systems. The table top system is also portable, and occupies a much smaller footprint than a large integrating sphere.

When paired with a RadOMA spectrometer, the Integrating Tube will capture complete spectral measurements for tube lamps. Integrating Tube systems produce highly accurate and repeatable measurements of total flux, chromaticity, peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, CCT and CRI.