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A new software update to StellarNet's SpectraWiz, bundled with every spectrometer, is now available for download at www.stellarnet.us.

The Spectral-ID application has been updated to allow users to save sample spectra to a specified library, then later perform a real time search using unknown samples to look for matches. This new feature works for Raman, NIR, or UV-VIS spectra using covariance mathematics to assign a correlation value and display the top 10 library entries that qualify as a match.

The Spectral-ID application was originally created for elemental identification in plasma spectra using a Porta-LIBS, Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, system. A preconfigured library is included that can be modified. The new interface panel allows the user to click capture and then analyse to display matches. The user can then click on any match to see its actual library spectrum and compare it to the captured one. The SpectraWiz software has a series of processing algorithms to compensate spectral baseline offsets and minimise effects due to off-axis scattering and fluorescence.