ThinFilmCompanion software

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StellarNet has released its ThinFilmCompanion software, which is a Thin Film System for in-situ and in-line measurements of film structures, including single and multilayer, freestanding, rough, and both thick and thin layer structures.  

The ThinFilmCompanion software offers real-time spectral capture and instrument control for reflectance and/or transmittance. It includes a large library of materials data and new material can be easily added by measuring the corresponding sample or importing data from file.

TFC software provides many options to easily analyse simple and the most complex film-stacks: graded layers, periodic structures, very thick films, films on thin substrates, multi-sample measurements, etc.

Simulation and error-estimator tools allow the user to better understand data and the expected precision. TFCompanion supports parameterised materials e.g. Cauchy, Sellmeir, EMA (effective-medium approximation), Harmonic oscillator, Tauc-Lorentz oscillator, Drude-Lorentz and many more approximations. These approximations represent optical dispersion of materials in desired spectral range using few coefficients that can be adjusted.