2495-L3 Series

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JDSU has launched the 2495-L3 Series 808nm fibre-coupled diode laser. The diode laser incorporates new chip technology to provide a reliable and inexpensive laser solution for many industrial, dental and medical applications.

It generates twice the power of previous models and provides high brightness at 808nm. For industrial applications, the 2495-L3 diode laser optically pumps Nd-doped material to generate a 1064nm output. This beam can be used directly or it can be converted to green and UV laser light through harmonic conversion.

In a typical configuration, several 2495-L3 devices with 4W fibre output are bundled together to provide power equal to a conventional bar. The distributed architecture means that the laser can function even if one output fails, reducing the risk of overall failure.

The laser is also suitable for dental and medical treatment. It allows a dentist to treat diseased gum tissue accurately, without disturbing surrounding healthy tissue. In the therapeutic medical area of bio-stimulation, the 2495-L3 diode laser provides localised heat to stimulate damaged muscle tissue to relieve pain and discomfort.