Stabilife filters

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Stabilife optical interference filters manufactured in Newport Corporation's Franklin factory and available in the UK from Photonics & Analytical Marketing, are now available with a five-year performance guarantee.

Traditionally produced optical interference filters utilise unstabilised metal oxide optical coatings or laminated soft-film coatings, which are adequate for non-critical applications. However, for some more demanding applications such as fluorescence detection, wavelength stability is absolutely critical to ensure dependable results.

Stabilife optical filters and coatings are manufactured using two patented processes for the deposition of metal oxide thin-film optical coatings; Reactive Ion Plating (RIP) and Hybrid Plasma Deposition (HPD). Both processes yield highly dense, thin-film coatings with extraordinary hardness, abrasion resistance, and adhesion to the substrate.

Unlike traditional filters where moisture can cause wavelength shifts of 2-5 per cent, Stabilife filters typically exhibit total wet-to-dry shifts of less than 0.02 per cent of wavelength. Similarly Stabilife films are typically five to ten times less sensitive to thermal variation

Stabilife thin-film optical coatings have demonstrated excellent resistance to damage due to handling, extreme nuclear and optical radiation, and severe environmental conditions. In the most severe applications, Stabilife filters have demonstrated spectrally stable performance lifetimes exceeding 8,000 hours.