StarLab 3.0

Ophir Photonics has launched StarLab 3.0, laser measurement software that converts a PC into a multi-channel laser power/energy station. The new version of the software provides expanded functionality for displaying, formatting, and viewing data.

StarLab 3.0 works with all types of Ophir sensors. The data from laser sensors can be displayed separately or multiple data sets can be displayed on one graph. The COM object allows developers to integrate laser beam measurements into programming environments, such as Microsoft's Visual Basic, Labview, and MatLab. Labview support, for example, integrates real-time control and advanced analysis and signal processing functions with Ophir's Juno PC interface. The Juno is a compact USB module that connects any of Ophir's 100+ smart laser sensors – thermal, pyroelectric, or photodiode – to a 100+ PC USB port.

In addition, support has been added for StarLite, the new handheld laser power / energy meter that displays a variety of beam measurements.