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Rofin/Baasel Lasertech has released the StarPulse family of pulsed YAG rod lasers with average output powers ranging from 40 to 500W, and peak powers of up to 20kW. These pulses would be suitable for the welding applications.

The lasers use Rofin’s new generation control unit which provides excellent pulse-to-pulse stability with good intra-pulse control independent of back reflections from the work piece. The pulses can be finely tuned to just a few millijoules of pulse energy, making them suitable for delicate processes such as the processing of electronic and medical devices.

The StarPulse lasers use a sweet spot resonator to provide constant high beam quality, starting from the first pulse. In combination with the Micro Weld option and direct beam delivery, weld spot diameters smaller than 0.1 mm can be achieved, even if scan optics with larger focal lengths are used.

The lasers have a modular and compact structure, and they are equipped with a removable operating user panel, making them easy to integrate with automation solutions.