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The StarPulse family of lasers from Rofin-Baasel is a new generation of pulsed YAG rod lasers with power ratings from 40W to 500W, for applications ranging from precision welding of delicate components to heavy industrial welding of highly reflective materials such as aluminium and copper at thicknesses of up to 2.0mm.

The new Rofin Control Unit (RCU) employs Double Closed Loop principles, which guarantee excellent pulse-to-pulse repeatability with less than 1 per cent variation even at low pulse energies. Precisely controlled pulses of only a few millijoules of pulse energy can be used to weld extremely thin wires of 50µm diameter or to produce seam welds in thin section metal parts.

The StarPulse lasers uses the Rofin-Baasel’s Sweet Spot Resonator, which eliminates problems associated with creating initial high-energy pulses. Used in conjunction with the Micro Weld option and direct beam delivery, weld spot diameters of less than 0.1mm can be achieved even when using scanning optics with large focal lengths.

The lasers are also simple to use with a menu-driven graphical user interface, integrated help functions, and diagrammatic representations of the pulses produced. There is also a removable user panel for integration into the production system.