SXUV20HS1 photodiode

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Opto Diode, a division of ITW, announces the SXUV20HS1, a high-speed photodiode with a Ø 5 mm circular active area. The new detector is ideal for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) detection covering 1 to 200 nm.  It is designed to dissipate the optical energy of high-powered UV lasers without the typical measurement degradation that occurs with prolonged exposure to UV.  Optimized to provide stable responsivity for consistent, repeatable measurements, it is ideal for any high-speed laser power monitoring applications.

Highly stable, the SXUV20HS1 sensitive area is 19.7 mm2, grid lines are at 5 microns with the pitch at 100 microns.  Shunt resistance is 5 MOhms and capacitance is typically 200 pF to a maximum of 800 pF. The high-speed device parameters include reverse breakdown voltage at 160 V (minimum), dark current of 100 nA (under test conditions of 150 V), and a rise time of 2 nanoseconds (maximum).

RoHS and REACH compliant, Opto Diode’s new photodiode is well-suited for applications such as photolithography, where tight control of the laser’s output, a  fast response, and measurement stability are critical.