Orange and Bluecut femtosecond lasers

Built on Menlo Systems' figure 9 mode locking technology, we extend the range of our Yb femtosecond fiber lasers to provide average powers of up to 10 W and pulse energies of up to 200 nJ with typical pulse durations of 130 fs.

This high power system is perfectly suited for pumping OPOs and OPAs with its superior modequality, stability and reliable long-term performance which is the hallmark of our all-fiberintegrated laser systems.

In addition, we offer optionally an SHG stage and repetition rate synchronization capability for lowest jitter performance. The very high peak power makes Menlo Systems’ orange lasers the go to solutions for multi-photon microscopy, two-photon polymerization, and time-resolved spectroscopy.

Menlo Systems has updated the BlueCut femtosecond laser to provide <400 fs with 10 uJ pulse energies and up to10 W average power. With its femtosecond burst mode feature and repetition rate ranging from single-shot to 10 MHz you can be sure to achieve maximum efficiency and ablation rates for your process.

In addition to that, fast external tunability of the pulse energy allows processing with constant fluence across the part, even with changing spot overlap. The new release of the laser provides With practically no heat affected zone, precision and clean processing is a given for a wide range of materials.

 To provide even greater flexibility and enhance efficiency and resolution, we now also offer optionally a frequency-doubled output at 515 nm. Based on our proven all-fiber integrated technology, the BlueCut micro-Joule femtosecond laser from Menlo Systems offers superior robustness and reliability. It is designed for industrial and scientific micro processing, serving e.g. biomedical applications or applications in the semiconductor industry.

With its simple user interface the BlueCut is ideal for OEM integration. Its unique combination of compact form factor, air-cooled laser head and high mechanical stability provides an unprecedented level of stability during 24/7 operation.