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Cielle has expanded its range of laser products with the Tau laser marking machine. It is available in two versions, featuring either a fixed or mobile work table. The laser marking machine reduces the number of operations needed to complete a processing cycle, bringing savings in terms of both time and costs.

Tau’s compact dimensions - just over 80cm long and 1 metre high - make it suitable for restricted space requirements. It is suitable for small workshops and professionals that require reliable, precise and versatile tools.

The machine can mark various materials including brass, gold, silver, steel and aluminium, and can be used to engrave key rings, medals, bracelets, earrings and trinkets in general, with high precision. In particular, it is effective for customised marking to give highly detailed finishes. Moreover, the 50W source makes it possible to cut precious materials and metals.

The aluminium work table with T-shaped grooves has special clamps for securing the pieces being engraved in place, and can be either fixed inside the machine, or rotated so as to allow the operator to load new pieces while the marking machine is already running. Loading is simplified by the front cover that slides upwards and has a large window so that operators can inspect the processing cycle.

The machine has a chamber measuring 300 x 100 x 250mm, with a workable surface area of 10cm2. It is available with 10W, 20W or 50W laser sources.