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iChrome CLE

Toptica’s new laser combiner engine iChrome CLE includes four laser sources in one compact box. It provides up to 20mW of output power at 405, 488, 561 and 640nm each. All integrated wavelengths are controllable via a unified user interface (both analogue and digital inputs, as well as RS232 and Ethernet). Toptica also provides ready-to-use, user-friendly control software and a powerful command set for full OEM integration. The multi-laser system features modulation capabilities for both analogue and digital modulation frequencies of up to 1Mhz. Toptica’s automated alignment procedure COOLAC guarantees a straightforward plug & play installation and high stability over the system’s lifetime.

The iChrome CLE is an all-diode laser combiner, including a diode-based 561nm FDDL (frequency doubled diode laser) source. This design guarantees identical modulation behaviour for all laser lines. Complete-Off is another advantage of this all-diode design, since it guarantees that all lasers, including the 561nm, line do not emit any residual light in the ‘Off’ state – even if modulated at 1MHz.


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