Femtosource Rainbow

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Elliot Scientific is distributing a range of products from Femtolasers, including the Femtosource Rainbow, an ultrafast sealed Ti: Sapphire laser oscillator using dispersive mirror technology. Dispersive mirrors are specifically designed for broadband intra cavity group delay dispersion compensation. The system generates the shortest, phase-stabilised optical pulses commercially available with unprecedented quality, stability, and reproducibility. DM-systems constitute the ideal solution for a wide range of scientific, industrial, and medical applications. Applications include amplifier-seeding, coherent terahertz generation, optical coherence tomography, multi-photon microscopy, and time-resolved spectroscopy.

Intra-cavity high-order dispersion can be eliminated to an extent that high quality, bandwidth-limited sub-7fs pulses can be generated from a Ti:Sapphire oscillator. An Extra Cavity Dispersion Control (ECDC) unit provides precise control of dispersion of the oscillator to transmit pulses with these extraordinary parameters to your target.

DM-systems contain no intra-cavity elements other than the gain medium resulting in an extremely compact and simple set-up. The intracavity dispersion is not sensitive to cavity alignment, in strong contrast to prism-controlled systems. Hence, the day-to-day reproducibility as well as the stability of the laser output parameters is excellent in the sub-7fs regime.