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TC10 and TC5

The TC10 (10A, 15V) and TC5 (5A, 15V) from Wavelength Electronics are ultra-stable digital controllers for thermoelectrics and resistive heaters where tight temperature stability is required. Designed using the latest technology, stabilities better than 0.0009°C can be achieved with thermistors. High stability enables researchers to achieve precise monitoring of trace gases in fracking, bio-samples in life-sciences, and semiconductor performance. Tight control enables applications in electro-optics, imaging, spectroscopy, remote sensing, military, aerospace, communications, material processing, and environmental or manufacturing control.

These advanced temperature controllers offer high stability (0.0009°C) at 5A and 10A up to 15V. An intuitive touchscreen front panel Is also featured; setpoint, actual temperature, stability status can all be seen on one screen. The controllers provide extra safety; they will shut down a laser/QCL/active load if it goes outside user set temperature limits, in addition, the auxiliary sensor can monitor heat sink temperature. The controllers also offer an expanded remote command set which allows the user to control and log data from a remote computer via USB (Test and Measurement class) or Ethernet.

The Autotune feature optimises PID control values to minimise time to temperature or reject external disturbances. Active Autotune continues adapting the PID control values as the setpoint is changed.

The controllers can Interface with the new IR sensor to monitor the temperature of liquids and solids remotely, avoiding contact or contamination with the sample. These digital controllers are compatible with all sensors – thermistor, RTD, LM335, AD590.


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