Tech Spec mechanics

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Edmund Optics has introduced a new family of Tech Spec mechanics. The kinematic series of optical mounts and mounting table platforms offer precision adjustment and relibaility. More than 25 options are available, adaptable to a wide variety of different applications.

The new mounts have been designed with greater flexibility. Improvements include the addition of fingercuts that make the placement of optical components both convenient and accurate.

Mounts feature ±5 degrees of tip/tilt, 100 TPI fine adjustment screws, aluminium plates, and common mounting bores for #8/M4 socket-head cap screws. They are available with two or three adjustment screws; the three-screw models allow additional adjustment in the optical axis. Nylon contact rods and screws protect the optics from damage.

Optical holders are available for the most common sizes of English and metric optical components. In addition, C-Thread and T-Thread versions are compatible with Edmund’s line of mounting components, offering more than 30 additional mounting size options. Horizontal mounting adapters are also available.