Techspec Cage System Components Kit

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Edmund Optics has introduced a new Techspec Cage System Components Kit. The kit contains all  the necessary parts to construct basic optomechanical systems and would suit researchers, engineers or educators, and for demonstration, experimentation, or prototyping purposes.

The kit contains an assortment of Techspec Optical Cage System components: plates, rods, mounts, as well as accessories like screws and tools that are needed to build basic optomechanical systems. Mounting options for 12.5mm and 25mm optical components are included. Two adapter plates are also included to interface between the kit and other cage systems, allowing users to maximise their optomechanical investment. An optical component storage cabinet is included with the kit, which provides room for expansion.

A free online guide, 'Getting Started Using the Cage System Components Kit' includes a complete parts list, with photographs, usage instructions and descriptions. It also has detailed animated construction videos for creating assemblies such as cubes and angle bracket joints. The guide also provides application examples for more complicated projects such as a Michelson interferometer or a fluorescence microscope and details the additional components that would be required to complete such projects.

The kit offers a single-purchase solution to creating simple cage system setups or for use as a building block for more complicated designs.