Techspec Right Angle Mirrors

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Edmund Optics (EO) has introduced its range of Techspec Right Angle Mirrors, which feature enhanced aluminium, protected silver and protected gold metallic coatings. These speciality mirrors are suited to a wide variety of applications requiring precision alignment and high performance, including system alignment.

The aluminium coating is a multi-layer dielectric film on top of aluminium to enhance reflectance in the visible wavelength region. Protected gold coatings are ideal for NIR and IR applications, which provide 96 per cent reflectivity from 750-1500nm. Gold coatings are offered with a silicon monoxide overcoat for a more durable finish and ease of handling.

Protected silver coatings deliver reflectivity of more than 99 per cent from 500-800nm, making them suitable for broadband sources that span multiple spectra. A protective coating reduces any silver tarnishing, especially in low humidity environments.

Techspec Right Angle Mirrors reflect incident light at 90°, are easy to mount, and feature N-BK7 substrates. A choice of 39 different size/coating combinations is available.