Techspec laser grade plano-convex lenses

Edmund Optics has introduces its new Techspec line of laser-grade plano-convex (PCX) lenses. The high performance lenses have a positive focal length, making them well suited for collecting and focusing light in a wide variety of applications with detectors, emitters, fibre optics and lasers.

The PCX lenses are specifically designed for use in high energy laser applications and provide a high damage threshold. The lenses feature precision fused silica substrates and offer improved surface quality and reduced irregularity compared to Techspec UV fused silica PCX lenses. The lenses are available uncoated, in 12mm diameter X 18mm FL, 25mm FL, 36mm FL and 50mm FL, as well as in 25mm diameter sizes x 38mm FL, 50mm FL, 75mm FL, 100mm FL, 150mm FL and 250mm FL. Custom laser line coatings between 193nm and 2200nm are available to suit a wide variety of user applications.