TPS23B thermopile

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A new 1x1mm silicon based chip and large radiation sensitive area of 0.5mm diameter has been launched via Pacer, which enables PerkinElmer’s TPS-23x miniature thermopile family to offer improved performance at low cost.

The round absorber area enables pyrometer design with a small viewing angle and a perfectly round measurement spot. Sensitivity ranges from 22 to 58µV/K. The TPS23B has excellent thermal shock behaviour due to a new isothermal package, giving stable readings.

Housing sizes range from the standard TO-39 (8.15mm cap diameter) down to a miniature TO-41 (3.56mm cap diameter). The TPS234 in TO-39 housing provides an excellent low cost solution for industrial applications. TPS sensors in TO-41 housing, and also TO-46 with 4.7mm cap diameter, are ideal for ear thermometers. The TPS-23x range is available now from Pacer International.