TruMark 6030 and TruMark 6140 marking lasers

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Trumph has introduced two new marking lasers to its TruMark 6000 series, the TruMark 6030 and the TruMark 6140. Users can now choose from six high performance machines that are available in any wavelength needed for surface processing. All TruMark Series 6000 lasers offer short processing times and high marking precision.

The lasers enable users to perform any marking process quickly and with a high level of quality, including tempering, engraving, depositing, colour change, and foaming. The selection of markable materials is just as flexible; the TruMark 6030 and TruMark 6140 can mark metals, ceramics and plastics with machine labels and serial numbers and can even make creative surface markings.

The TruMark 6030 and 6140 lasers feature considerably shorter marking times when compared to other products in the TruMark Series 6000. Trumph has increased the output of these new marking lasers by 35 per cent, and the cycle times have been shortened accordingly. Using the same laser parameters, the same frequency and the same speed, the TruMark 6140 achieves twice the engraving depth of its 6130 predecessor.

The TruMark 6030 works in the infrared range at 1064nm. With its Nd:YAG laser crystal it is designed for marking at lower frequencies up to 60kHz. Users can achieve the best marking results with the TruMark 6140 and its Nd:YVO4 laser crystal, also emitting at 1064nm, at frequencies starting at 40kHz.