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Yenista Optics, a manufacturer of fibre optic test and measurement equipment will unveil a complete range of the TUNICS T100S-HP high-power tunable lasers at OFC 2013 on March 19-21, in Anaheim, USA.

The complete portfolio of the T100S-HP now features 6 tunable lasers. They have been explicitly named after the wavelength tuning bands that are covered:

  • /O+        for 1240 – 1380nm,

  • /O           for 1260 – 1360nm,

  • /ES         for 1340 – 1520nm,

  • /SCL       for 1440 – 1640 nm,

  • /CL         for 1500 – 1630 nm,

  • /CLU      for 1500 – 1700 nm.

The /O and /CL lasers have 10dBm minimum output power and are dedicated to the main telecom applications.

The /O+, /ES, /SCL and /CLU lasers have 8dBm minimum output power and the largest wavelength ranges available on the market, making it possible to cover the full telecom wavelength band from 1240 à 1700nm at 8dBm with just three lasers. This is done by combining the /O+, /ES and /CLU lasers.