Verdi V12 laser

Coherent has released the Verdi V12 laser that offers low cost of ownership, when compared with other 12W 532nm lasers. 


Specifically, a redesigned pumping scheme with higher efficiency has enabled the use of just one pump diode array.


Because the pump diode array is operated at the same de-rated power level as in all other Verdi lasers, the diode array maintains expected lifetime of more than 20,000 hours. And, since the pump diode array is the only significant consumable in Verdi lasers, this new design dramatically reduces long-term cost of ownership. Physical form and electronic interfaces remain unchanged to allow for backwards compatibility and to permit easy upgrade.


As with other Verdi lasers, the pump diode is in the form of a FAP (fiber array package). This is located in the power supply and fibre-coupled to the laser head through the laser umbilical, which makes field-replacement of the FAP simple and requires no optical re-alignment whatsoever.

The main application of the V12 is pumping ultrafast Ti:Sapphire lasers and high repetition rate amplifiers for demanding research applications. Because of its single longitudinal mode design, Verdi lasers offer the lowest output noise of any CW green laser available. The V12 is also ideal for use in low noise applications such as CEP (carrier envelope phase) stabilisation, frequency comb generation, broadband pump-probe spectroscopy and the fast growing field of attosecond physics.