Vision IsoStation vibration isolation workstation

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Newport has introduced the Vision IsoStation vibration isolation workstation, which is designed to improve ease-of-installation, set-up and lab space utilisation. The workstation is available with platform sizes from 24 x 24 inches up to 36 x 72 inches to accommodate the widest range of applications.

The Vision IsoStation will be available in two load capacities, 500lb gross and 1,300lb gross, delivered by Newport's high-performance I-125 and I-325 Series pneumatic isolators. Both versions reduce transmitted vertical and horizontal vibrations by 85 per cent or more after 5Hz and by more than 95 per cent after 10Hz.

The workstation features a platform interface that acts as a docking surface, an accessory mount, and a restraint to keep the breadboard atop the frame. This same interface is used to couple multiple Newport accessories or allow users to connect their own 'home-built' accessories. The interface also features float-height indicators and frame-bubble levels to make set-up, installation, and system relocation even easier. For added safety and convenience, these features combine with integrated levelling feet and casters which are standard on all versions.