Through AMS Technologies, VueMetrix has released Vue-TEC-15 and Vue-TEC-24, temperature controllers for simultaneous operation with laser diode controllers.

Vue-TEC-15/24 is a switch mode DC/DC converter with smoothing filters to improve power conversion efficiency. Operating point is regulated automatically. Vue-TEC-15 is rated at 120W and the Vue-TEC-24 is rated at 200W.

An auxiliary second serial port on the Vue-TEC allows it to communicate internally with another controller, combining with other models in the VueMetrix line. Like all VueMetrix products, the Vue-TEC is microprocessor controlled and features advanced fault diagnostics, user-settable operational limits, and an extensive library of interface commands. Either RS-232, USB or both can be used to interface with the controller, which can also run standalone or in conjunction with the WinVue user interface program. It is available in packaged form or as a circuit board assembly. A Developer's Kit is available that includes the controller, all necessary connectors, a power supply and WinVue software.

The controllers deliver precise temperature regulation of small thermal loads such as laser diode and heat sinks, non-linear laser crystals and infrared detectors. The products expand VueMetrix's portfolio from laser diode controllers into the closely related field of thermal control.