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WaveShaper 1000/SP

The WaveShaper 1000/SP is a Polarization Maintaining (PM) programmable filter which provides full control of the amplitude and phase spectra across the entire operating wavelength range.

Finisar's new WaveShaper 1000/SP 1μm Programmable Single Polarization Filter, available from AMS Technologies, shapes femtosecond and short picosecond optical pulses in fiber laser systems in applications such as precision micromachining, medical and spectroscopy. The new 1μm WaveShaper module enables stable operation of short pulse laser systems in harsh environments by providing precise control of the spectral characteristics of the optical signal.

Typical applications include the creation and shaping of short laser pulses in the picosecond and down to the femtosecond regime. The WaveShaper 1000/SP operating around 1 μm has been optimized to control the optical signals of Neodymium and Ytterbium fiber lasers; the WaveShaper 1000/SP operating around 1.55 μm has been optimized to control the signal of Erbium lasers. The WaveShaper 1000/SP is typically applied in a Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) configuration following the seed laser. 


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