Wombat scan head

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Arges has introduced a highly-integrated, powerful scan head called Wombat, a compact, all-in-one laser processing system combining precise 2D and 3D optical scanning solutions, using the Spectra-Physics Explorer OEM laser. The integration of the Explorer laser into the Wombat scan head makes this system the ultimate solution for demanding applications, such as thin film photovoltaic, micro structuring, laser trimming, intra-glass or glass surface marking, engraving, or ID and security labelling, just to name a few.

The Explorer laser is available in three different wavelength options (349, 355 and 532nm) for customers to select the optimum wavelength and laser operating parameters. The nearly diffraction-limited Gaussian output beam (TEM00) enables high spatial resolution and tight focusing, which is essential for a variety of marking and structuring applications. Furthermore, the Explorer laser provides industry leading reliability in combination with high repetition rates, and superior pulse-to-pulse stability.

The Wombat 2D series with 11 and 16mm aperture is aimed at telecentric and non-telecentric applications with F-theta lenses. These Wombat systems can optionally be equipped with a fast focusing unit for the Z-axis to precisely adjust the focus spot in a limited range.

Wombat 3D models with 21 mm aperture size avoid the aperture limitations of common F-theta lenses by using a Z-axis dynamic focusing unit. The optical designs are optimised for large processing field applications (e. g. 250 × 250mm²) where a diffraction-limited spot size over the whole field of view is critical. The full potential of the Wombat's Z-axis gets unveiled by challenging 3D applications, using an actual focal plane adjustment range of up to ± 50 mm.