Broadband diffuser (BD) is Holo/Or’s new beam shaping micro-refractive optical element designed for high power applications where more than one wavelength is used in the same optical path

Olympus has launched the Iplex G Lite, which is well suited to the often-adverse conditions of industrial inspections

B&W Tek has launched the TacticID-1064, a handheld Raman analyser for real-time identification of suspicious and unknown substances in the field

Now available from Ocean Optics is the Ocean MZ5, a compact, fully integrated ATR-MIR spectrometer that measures liquid samples from 1,818–909 cm-1 (5.5-11μm)

A look at the latest optical modelling programs and their application in the development of self-driving cars

Edmund Optics has released the Techspec UCi series of fixed focal length lenses

Dover Motion, a designer and manufacturer of motion solutions for life sciences and diagnostics instruments, has launched the DOF-5 objective focusing stage

Bluebox Optics has introduced a modular LED light source ideally suited for fluorescence microscopy

Cobolt, a part of Hübner Photonics, has added a new wavelength of 640nm to the Cobolt 05-01 series of single frequency lasers

Laser Components now stocks WaveEye, a compact and versatile wavelength measuring device for cw or quasi-cw lasers between 450nm and 950nm

Techsil has launched a new UV meter from UV curing equipment specialists, Hönle. The UV-Meter measures intensity and dose of UV and UV-LED curing units and systems

Schneider-Kreuznach is converting its filter holders from black chrome to Gliss-Coat