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Chroma Technology Corporation

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Company overview:

Chroma Technology manufactures high-performance optical filters covering a spectral range from 200-3000nm with superior durability and longevity, across many industries and applications. Our filter types include long, short, and multi-bandpass filters, notch rejection filters, neutral density filters, beamsplitters, and reflective metal mirrors. Offering off-the-shelf, custom, and high-volume production products and solutions, we can design and deliver optical filters that do precisely what our customers need.

As a 100% employee-owned company, founded in 1991, Chroma Technology is a leading manufacturer and OEM supplier of highly precise optical filters using thin-film coating technology. Our reputation is built on our dedicated customer service, including our technical and application support. We remain committed to serving the scientific and technical communities in their pursuit of the scientific endeavor.

Optical Design and Engineering

Chroma’s product portfolio provides solutions for industries ranging from life sciences, agriculture, automation, inspection, sensing, security, and aerospace. The broad array of applications served includes fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, biomedical instrumentation and surgical devices, machine vision, multi-spectral imaging, remote sensing, LiDAR, colorimetry, and astronomy.

Fluorescence Microscopy

Chroma's optical filters for Fluorescence Microscopy are revolutionizing research. Precisely separating fluorescence signals from excitation light, these filters provide exceptional image quality and sensitivity. By optimizing spectral characteristics and suppressing background noise, Chroma's filters enable the visualization of faint fluorescence signals. Researchers in cell biology, neuroscience, and immunology rely on them for groundbreaking discoveries at the cellular level.

Life Science Instrumentation

We provide precision-engineered optical filters designed for the Life Science Instrumentation and Biophotonics industries. These advanced filters enable enhanced imaging and light analysis, empowering researchers and professionals to gain deeper insights into biological processes. From fluorescence microscopy to spectroscopy, Chroma's innovative filters push the boundaries of life science research and biophotonics applications.

Machine Vision & Color Vision

We are leading the way in developing advanced optical filters for the Machine Vision and Color Vision industries. These precision-engineered filters enhance image processing and color discrimination tasks, providing exceptional clarity and efficiency. Whether in machine vision systems or critical applications like printing and medical imaging, Chroma's filters continue to revolutionize these industries, driving progress and innovation.

Remote Sensing & Astronomy

We specialize in the development of optical filters for the remote sensing and astronomy markets. By selectively transmitting or blocking specific wavelengths of light, Chroma's sophisticated filters empower astronomers and remote sensing specialists to uncover the mysteries of the universe and monitor Earth's features from space. With their innovative solutions, Chroma Technology Corp continues to drive scientific advancements, pushing the boundaries of exploration in these fields.

Quality of Sputtered Filters

Our thin film sputtering techniques provide unparalleled process control and reliable lot-to-lot consistency. This precision allows us to manufacture complex spectral designs for demanding applications. Our sputtered filters provide superior levels of environmental durability and longevity. As a result, our catalog products are covered by the industry's only Lifetime Warranty. For bespoke, custom and OEM filters with revision control, our warranty may vary.

Contact us at or Toll Free: 800-824-7662



10 Imtec Lane

Bellows Falls, VT 05101 USA

Toll Free: 800-824-7662

Phone: 802-428-2500

Fax: 802-428-2525

Europe - Sales and Support

Maximilianstrasse 33

D-82140 Olching Germany

Phone: +49 8142 4219701

Fax: +49 8142 2845349

China - Sales and Support

Room 611, Building 23, Harmony Times Square

No. 268, Wangdun Road, SIP, Suzhou City

Jiangsu Province, 215028 China

Phone: +86-0512-66051705 


Japan - Sales and Support

8F Yokohama Onoecho Building

4-57 Onoecho Naka-ku

Yokohama 231-0015 Japan

Phone: +81 (0) 45 285 1583

Fax: +81 (0) 45 285 1501 





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