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Unmasking the optical challenges of laser space communication

Unmasking the optical challenges of laser space communication

Unmasking the optical challenges of laser space communication: A White Paper from OPTOMAN

In recent years, the laser has emerged as a crucial technology when it comes to data transmission in space, thanks to its ability to enable secure and super-fast communication on Earth from outer space via satellite or between satellites themselves, allowing more data to be transferred in less time. 

However, this relatively new type of optical communication still faces its share of challenges, due to the extreme conditions in space. This white paper highlights the importance of laser optics and selecting the right strategic supplier sidekick to ensure that space communication systems remain powerful and reliable for years to come.

Who should read this White Paper?

Research and development (R&D) engineers (both in industry and academia) who use photonics for laser space communication

What this White Paper covers

  • The benefits of using laser optics for space communications
  • The challenges of selecting the right optical components for a space communications project
  • How OPTOMAN can help overcome these challenges, as a coatings superhero that designs, develops and manufactures advanced, high accuracy and repeatability thin film coatings by Ion-beam sputtering (IBS) technology
  • An introduction to IBS coating technology and why it is beneficial for laser and optical systems
  • The importance of optical solutions that are supported by comprehensive environmental stability and absorption measurements

OPTOMAN’s laser optics for space communications

OPTOMAN’s laser optics are made with the resilience required to withstand the most extreme space environments. Rigorous testing has led to optics with extended lifetimes, minimising  the need for frequent replacements and costly downtime, strengthening the reliability of laser space  communication systems. 

Coatings are custom-engineered to withstand those cosmic elements unique to space communications, so they can provide  a protective shield against radiation, temperature 
fluctuations, and the vacuum of space, ensuring  stability and unwavering functionality.


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