White Papers

14 April 2021

A high-performance laser should deliver more than high output power. When optimized to your application, a high-performance laser module can ease integration, maximize results and deliver a competitive advantage for your business. This paper will discuss key considerations in ensuring a high-performance laser for your system.

This Whitepaper discusses:

Delivering high power laser modules
Ensuring high stability optical output
Digital control for monitoring performance
Application examples

09 April 2021

Delta Optical Thin Film explains how it balanced sustainability, optical production layout and new technologies at its new industry-leading site

07 April 2021

Silicon based area detectors (e.g. CCDs or CMOS) are widely used in high performance imaging applications, detecting wavelengths from soft x-ray through to near infrared (NIR).

06 April 2021

A variety of spectroscopic techniques is used in gas analysis and sensing – increasingly important fields, crucial in atmosphere monitoring, emission control and industrial processes efficiency.

26 March 2021

This paper presents the most up to date compilation of research and data available in the literature regarding the optical properties of human tissue.