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Welcome to the February edition of Electro Optics

EO magazine cover Feb 2024

Welcome to the February edition of Electro Optics, which should be landing on your desks and lab benches today. 

In this month's print issue, and in fact across the entire site in the month of February, we are focusing on photonics fabrication, both in terms of the state-of-the art approaches to creating photonics components such as waveguides for AR and VR, the latest in optical coating technology, and in how photonics-enabled technologies can be used in manufacturing other goods, such as our feature on using laser equipment safely.     

Our Photonics100 honourees offer their collected opinions on what the think the biggest challenges will be in 2024, plus this month's issue has the usual complement of news, interviews and tech focuses. If you are going to be at this year's Photonics West show, do pay us a visit at Booth 5315!

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Features and analysis

Photonics’ biggest challenge in 2024? Supply chain, supply chain, supply chain...    

Restrictions and delays in critical photonics raw materials were cited as the biggest threat over the next 12 months by a majority of this year’s Photonics100 cohort (but other challenges also apply).

Jessica De Groote Nelson edmund Optics profile EO Feb 2024

The Photonics Leader interview: Jessica DeGroote Nelson, Edmund Optics [Video]

Mark Elliott speaks to Jessica DeGroote Nelson, Senior Director of Optical Product Development at Edmund Optics, about its compelling mix of marketplace and manufacturing and how that is driving growth. Register for free to watch the full video. 

Advances in waveguide fabrication for augmented reality

Optical experts are continually striving for new fabrication techniques to better achieve an optimal balance between brightness, power consumption, weight, heat, battery life and cost for the latest AR headsets

The Photonics Leader interview: Tadashi Maruno, President, Hamamatsu Photonics

In an exclusive interview, Hamamatsu Photonics President Tadashi Maruno explains how the global giant has met and overcome adversity across 70 years as it celebrates its platinum anniversary.

Optical coatings – what can we expect from future developments?

From scanning spacetime to igniting nuclear fusion, the use cases for high-precision optical coatings are growing almost as fast as the techniques used to produce them.

Optical design software: New opportunities and future challenges

How are optical design software developers supporting the ongoing development of cutting edge photonics technologies?

Case Study: How to reach the unreachable with spectrally coated fibre tips

A novel way of coating optical fibre tips is opening up opportunities in new and exciting industries and applications for OEMs.

Why blue and green lasers are booming in 3D printing

A look into the speed, precision and environmental advantages on offer from green and blue lasers in the additive manufacturing space.

Identifying the right facial PPE for handheld laser welding

Handheld laser welding continues to garner widespread interest among manufacturers. However safety standards are struggling to keep up.

The EPIC interview: Bernd Dietz, CEO, nortus Optronic

Jeremy Picot-Clemente, EPIC’s Technology Manager for Optics and Green Photonics, talks to Bernd Dietz, CEO at nortus Optronic, a Germany-based manufacturer and supplier of optical components and optical systems about why remaining niche is the focus for the company’s future success.

Technology Focus

The latest optical metrology products for 2024

The latest optical products for astronomy in 2024

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