AMS Technologies

Polymer optical fibre

AMS Technologies has introduced a polymer optical fibre (POF)-based strain sensor solution for industrial applications, for use as a high-precision strain sensor on par with current fibre Bragg grating-based strain sensors

Beam Analyzer Touch

The AMS Technologies' Beam Analyzer Touch is a new small footprint, stand-alone unit with a built-in touch screen and measuring head


AMS Technologies has unveiled a new spectrometer using a combination of a KTa1-xNbxO3 (KTN) optical beam scanner and a wavelength dispersion element

Rio Grande single frequency laser module

AMS Technologies has introduced the Grande single frequency laser module manufactured by Rio. The device combines Rio’s high performance external cavity laser (ECL) with a high performance low noise EDFA

Aspheric lenses

LightPath Technologies has released a family of four aspheric lenses specifically designed for laser diodes operating at 405nm or 488nm

Titan UV Series

The new Titan UV Series from DPSS Lasers, a pulsed 355nm solid state laser system with up to 5W, is now available from AMS Technologies

f/1.0 athermalised LWIR lens

LightPath Technologies has introduced an f/1.0 athermalised Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) lens assembly with 10.65mm focal length, available from AMS Technologies

New planar diffused UV photodiodes

AMS Technologies has introduced two new families of planar-diffused UV photodiodes manufactured by OSI Optoelectronics: The UV-EQ/EQC/EK series and the UV-DQ/DQC/DK series


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