Andor Technology

iVac 316 detector

Andor Technology has launched a sensitive, OEM-dedicated NIR spectroscopy detector. The iVac 316 offers the latest innovation in sensor technology with high sensitivity in the NIR region

iKon-L HF fibre optic camera

Andor Technology has launched its iKon-L HF fibre optic camera. The camera has a high-QE (95 per cent) back-illuminated sensor, a single directly bonded FOP, and a spring-loading 'Soft Dock' mount

EX2 technology

Andor Technology has launched its EX2 technology for extending quantum efficiency performance across selected iXon Ultra and iXon3 back-illuminated EMCCD models


Andor Technology has announced several performance enhancements to its Neo camera, based on next-generation scientific CMOS (sCMOS) technology

Neo sCMOS camera

Andor Technology has launched its Neo camera platform, based on scientific CMOS (sCMOS) technology offering ultra-low noise and extremely fast frame rates


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