AvaSpec SensLine

Avantes has introduced a new line of high sensitivity spectrometers, its AvaSpec SensLine range. The spectrometers are suitable for fluorescence spectroscopy and low light applications

CUV-DHC-XE-LED-DA cuvette holder

Avantes has introduced its redesigned cuvette holder with attenuator for Avantes xenon and LED light sources. The CUV-DHC-XE-LED-DA cuvette holder can be directly attached to the light source

AvaLight DH-BAL

Avantes has introduced a newly developed light source, AvaLight DH-BAL, for its extensive AvaSpec Spectrometers line. The new development allows a significant increase in the dynamic ranges of its existing instruments.

Avantes new catalogue 2007-2008

This new 140-page catalogue should make it easy for anyone with applications in the field of spectroscopy to find the right configuration of Avantes' modular spectrometer system.


Avantes has introduced a low cost, back-thinned CCD array into its portable spectrometer platform - the AvaSpec-2048X14.


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