Fibre Optic Multiplexers

Avantes, a manufacturer of fibre optic spectroscopy instruments and systems, has released the next generation of fibre optic multiplexers


Avantes, a manufacturer of fibre optic spectroscopy instruments and systems, has released its smallest spectrometer so far, the AvaSpec-Mini


Avantes and Tornado Spectral Systems have announced a partnership for the design, manufacture and distribution of a new line of spectrometers

Fusion energy project uses spectrometers

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Culham may be just a small town in the English countryside, but it hosts a research facility that might change the world as we know it. The Joint European Torus (JET), based in Oxfordshire, researches how to use fusion energy in daily life. Energy that is environmental friendly, safe and available in almost unlimited quantities. Avantes spectrometers are used to measure changes during these plasma experiments.


Avantes has announced its AvaGigE USB to Ethernet converter device that allows the company's Avaspec USB controlled spectrometers to plug into a gigabit Ethernet connection

ASM-5216 OEM spectrometer board

Avantes' new ASM-5216 is the OEM version of its AS-5216 spectrometer board. The new board offers a 25 per cent reduction size and price compared to its predecessor, and industrial interfaces

AvaSpec SensLine

Avantes has introduced a new line of high sensitivity spectrometers, its AvaSpec SensLine range. The spectrometers are suitable for fluorescence spectroscopy and low light applications

CUV-DHC-XE-LED-DA cuvette holder

Avantes has introduced its redesigned cuvette holder with attenuator for Avantes xenon and LED light sources. The CUV-DHC-XE-LED-DA cuvette holder can be directly attached to the light source


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