Cobolt Rumba 1064nm

Cobolt has released the Class 3B model of the single frequency Cobolt Rumba 1064nm. The laser is now available with up to 400mW CW output power on the 04-01 Series, offering a more compact footprint than the 05-01 Series

Cobolt Odin series

Cobolt, Swedish manufacturer of high performance DPSS lasers, has released the Cobolt Odin series of compact and tunable mid-IR lasers

Thor and Odin lasers

Cobolt, Swedish manufacturer of DPSS lasers, has released a family of pulsed lasers consisting of two series: the Thor series of Q-switched lasers and the Odin series of mid-IR lasers

Cobolt DPL lasers

Cobolt has launched the Cobolt DPL lasers, an ultra-compact group of SLM DPSS lasers, at 532nm and 561nm, on the 06-01 Series platform

Modulated DPSS laser

Cobolt has released a modulated DPSS laser option, which incorporates both a diode pumped solid state laser (DPSSL) from the Cobolt 04-01 series and an Acousto Optic Modulator (AOM) in one single compact package


Cobolt, Swedish manufacturer of DPSS lasers, is showcasing a new family of nanosecond pulsed lasers and tunable mid-IR lasers

Cobolt 05-01

Swedish manufacturer of high performance lasers, Cobolt, has extended its standard warranty of 12 months to 24 months on all its single frequency, high power, and ultra-low noise Cobolt 05-01 series lasers


Cobolt has announced the release of the Cobolt MLD Series lasers, high performance laser diode modules covering a spectral range between 405 and 660nm

Dual combiner

Swedish diode-pumped solid-state laser manufacturer Cobolt has announced a modulated dual-line light engine optimised for high-end Optogenetics research applications


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