Edmund Optics


Edmund Optics has introduced a range near infrared (NIR) linear polarisers with an extended broadband range. They are high contrast, and are ideal for a variety of applications.

TechSpec light pipe homogenising rods

Edmund Optics has released the TechSpec family of light pipe homogenising rods for OEM illumination needs. The rods use total internal reflection to turn a non-uniform light source into uniform illumination.


Edmund Optics has released two new fast, fixed focal length lenses. The new Techspec lenses offer object-space resolution better than two line pairs per millimetre.

MLED test and measurement system

Edmund Optics has introduced an MLED modular LED test and measurement system. Available in three configurations for discrete LEDs, arrays, and assemblies, the systems offer complete spectral measurements in compliance with CIE-127 design requirements.

Edge-blackened optics

Edmund Optics is providing edge-blackened optics, designed to increase contrast and reduce noise in imaging and electro-optical systems.

Deep-UV mirrors

Edmund Optics is supplying deep-UV enhanced mirrors that are ideal for steering light sources at wavelengths from 170nm in the deep UV to 11mm in infrared.

Tech Spec mechanics

Edmund Optics has introduced a new family of Tech Spec mechanics. The kinematic series of optical mounts and mounting table platforms offer precision adjustment and relibaility.

Hemispherical lenses

Edmund Optics is offering hemispherical lenses made from sapphire. The lenses are well-suited for a wide variety of applications, including fibre communications equipment, endoscopes, microscopes, and optical pick-up devices.


Edmund Optics is now offering the Infiniprobe UV video microscopes, which feature a continuously focusable design as well as easy mounting to video cameras.


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